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Niwaki Benton Box

Niwaki Benton Box

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Whether you’re in the cheese sandwich and pack of crisps school, or favour a (some would say) more refined lunch, perhaps of rice and miso cured salmon, these anodised aluminum bento boxes are here for you.

The Oblong is perfect for sandwiches, but equally at home housing a couple of onigiri, with a divider and rubber seal in the lid, while the slightly smaller Oval box cries out for something more Japanese, with its internal plastic lid and divider – in its purest form this would be the hinomaru bento, a single umeboshi (sour plum) atop a bed of rice, representing the Japanese flag, but feel free to push the boat out in any direction you feel appropriate.

Try not to use in the dishwasher, microwave or oven.


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