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Frankies of Hadleigh

DOOK Patchouli, Frankincense, Mandarin & Cedar Handmade Soap

DOOK Patchouli, Frankincense, Mandarin & Cedar Handmade Soap

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Introducing DOOK Patchouli, Frankincense, Mandarin, and Cedar Handmade Salt Soap, a dark and handsome woodsy soap bar crafted to meet all your cleansing needs.

Generously swirled with charcoal, these natural soap bars go beyond ordinary cleansing. The activated charcoal works to clean and clarify your pores, effectively removing impurities without stripping your skin of its natural moisture. Experience a deep cleanse from this handmade soap that leaves your skin feeling refreshed and revitalised.

These hand soap bars have been carefully handmade with a distinctive blend of pure essential oils. Immerse yourself in a grounding blend of woody Patchouli and Cedar, perfectly balanced with the freshness of Frankincense and the fruity essence of Mandarin peel oil.


Himalayan Salt

DOOK salt soaps consist of 50% Himalayan pink salt, renowned for its detoxifying, exfoliating, and rejuvenating properties, thanks to its rich trace mineral content.

Organic Coconut Oil

This cleansing powerhouse creates a luxurious lather, transforming the salty soap into a smooth, lotion-like foam.

Raw Organic Shea Butter

Moisturize and nourish your skin with the added benefits of vitamins A, E, and F, known for promoting skin health, along with minerals that possess antioxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities.

Activated Charcoal 

The pattern of charcoal grey through your handmade bar makes each of these natural soaps truly unique.  The powdered charcoal is "activated" by steam processing it at very high temperatures. These temperatures change its internal structure - increasing its surface area. This means that each grain of charcoal in your soap absorbs more toxins and impurities from your skin, preventing your body from absorbing them and leaving you with a feeling of freshness.

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